Picture Day for Parents


Portrait Day for Parents

Portrait Day can even be fun for parents !

The team of professionals will take care of brushing those stray hairs back in place and making sure their face hands are clean.  Puget Sound School Pictures gives each child the time and individual attention needed to bring out the very best in portraits.  Also, since your child is in a familiar environment surrounded by friends, the setting is much more comfortable than a studio, which can be intimidating at this age.

We will put up posters and send home a note letting you know what day is picture day.  The posters at the center show sample pictures of what the background looks like, this will help you decide what you want your child wearing for picture day.  After picture day (7 to10 days) you will receive a proof ordering envelope.  You can use the envelope to place your order or you can follow the instructions on the envelope and order online.  There will be a due date for ordering on the envelope.  The prices on the envelope and online reflect a 20% discount if you order by the due date.  After the due date you can only order online and the prices will reflect a 20% increase in price.  The reason we do the discount is because the lab gives us a bulk discount for ordering large school orders and we pass that savings on to you. 



Q: If I order online will my picture arrive sooner?

A:  Beginning this year you will have the option when ordering online to have the order sent to the preschool (no additional charge) or sent directly to your home ($13.55 shipping & handling charge will apply).  If you choose the option of having the order delivered to the preschool/center it will be ordered with the rest of the orders after the due date and delivered to the school.  If you choose to have the order sent to your home the order will be processed within 24 hours and sent directly to you from the photo lab.  The order being sent directly to your home will arrive 5 to 10 days after the order was placed.

Q:  If I don't order before the due date can I still order pictures of my child?

A:   Yes, you can still order after the due date.  All orders after the due date must be done online.  Use the instructions on the order envelope to order online.  Please make sure to save the top portion of the order envelope for your records.  This has the password you will need to order online.  If you have misplaced the envelope you can contact us.

Q:  If I do not order anything do I need to return the order envelope?

A:  No, you do not have to turn in the envelope to the school if you are not placing an order.  We do however, suggest that you hold onto the top portion of the envelope just in case you want to order pictures at a later date.

Q:  What type of payments do you accept?

A:  We accept the following forms of payments:  Checks, Money Orders, all major credit cards & cash.  If you pay by check or money order please make them payable to: Lil Angels Photography.  If you pay by cash please use exact change. We do not give change back with orders.  If you pay by credit card please place your order online.  We do not want your credit card information written on or placed inside the order envelope.  When ordering online your order will be placed on our secure website. 

Q:  I have siblings, can I combine my order?

A:  We understand that having children in a daycare/preschool can be costly so for parents with more than 1 child we allow them to combine the orders.  Simply staple the envelopes together and use the top envelope to order on.  You can choose a package and combine the image numbers from each child in that package.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Q:  If I order online can I have the order sent to my P.O. Box?

A:  No, our photo lab uses Fedex and they will not deliver to a P.O. Box.  Please make sure that you use the address of a residence when you place your order.

Q:  My parents/relatives want to order and they live out of town/state, can they still order?

A:  Yes, they can order but they will need to choose the option to have the order sent to their residence and not delivered to the school.  If they choose to have the order sent to the school you will be responsible to send the order to them.

Q:  You offer online ordering, can other people see my child's pictures?

A:  No, we are aware how protective parents are of their children.  Each child has a unique password for their online gallery and no one else can see your child's pictures.  You can however,  if you choose share the information and password with family & friends so that they can go on and view or order from your child's private gallery.

Q:  My child missed picture day, do you come back for re-do's or missed picture day?

A:  We do not come back for re-do's or make ups.  We are sorry that we do not offer this, but it is too inconvenient for the centers for us to come in and set up for just a couple of children.  They have a routine that need to abide by and we do not want to disrupt it.  We do however offer you the option of coming to our studio and we would be happy to take your child's pictures with the same background we used at the school.  This is a service that is by appointment only, so if you would like to bring your child in to our studio please contact us to set up a day and time.  There is no sitting fee/charge to come in and you will use the same price list that was used at the school.  If you come in after the due date for your school you will not receive the discounted pricing and will have to order online.

Q:  How long will my child's be online for ordering?

A:  We keep the galleries up for 1 year, if your child's gallery has expired please contact us and we can reactivate the gallery.

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